We offer a full range of aerial imagery, from stills to fast action overhead video footage.

You may be unaware of all that professional aerial imagery can provide?

As you will see outlined below, a variety of services exist for the individual and business alike. More and more people are making great use of the unique abilities of an aerial image system.


There is something magical about viewing the ground from above…

A full range of aerial photography is available offering digital stills from a unique perspective.

Homes, estates, businesses and landscape all take on a distinct and interesting perspective when photographed from the air. High definition stills are now, at long last, very affordable!


Panoramas are a superb way of offering your clients an immersive interactive view of your facilities, land or buildings.

We can provide panoramas that are high quality 360° x 180° captures from ground level to 400ft to provide complete visual representations.

They can be hosted on your servers, our servers or via an intermediary server such as Kuula.


Aerial video is fast becoming the ‘must have’ element to productions.

It provides a highly unique vantage point that lends any production a highly professional edge.

We use 3 axis gimbal stabilisers to provide beautifully smooth low altitude aerial footage which gives an impression of highly expensive production values, at a remarkably competitive price.

We can provide footage up to 4k (Ultra High Definition – 4096×2160) at a range of frame rates. We can further provide full editing, graphics and audio services for the complete package.

News Gathering

Sky Cam East regularly has imagery featured in national and local media outlets via television, newspapers and magazines.

Our team includes a media journalist who understands the requirements of news gathering and we are happy to provide relevant official documentation such as CAA accreditation and insurance details.

We are able to provide media in a wide range of formats including UHD – Ultra High Definition. We are furthermore certified to fly at night.

Please contact us to discuss existing imagery useage or for the acquisition of bespoke pictures and video.

Sky Cam East Media

Inspection & Survey

Aerial Inspection can provide both difficult access views and a huge money saving over physical inspection.

Roofs, chimneys, towers and areas of troublesome access. We offer significant time and money savings with ‘risk-free’ access to provide video, stills and live inspection data.

Now you can inspect difficult areas without the huge expense.


Promotional Video is the medium many are now turning to – especially to enhance internet presence.

With large facilities and events it can be difficult to portray the full scale of your offerings. Aerial Video is a superb way to achieve this, giving viewers a full and unique visualisation.

Including aerial footage in your promotional material sets you above your competition – literally!


Live View

Live View brings the view of our UAV cameras to a monitor on the ground.

You may need to see how a particular piece of off-ground equipment is functioning – allowing real-time adjustment or the monitoring of an event that requires instant decision making.

Live View is a unique opportunity to get a real time aerial perspective on your items of interest.

Live View


UAVs are being utilised more and more to assist in searching.

Since they have to ability to beam down a scene from above, areas of difficult ground access can be visually scoured and examined – live or later. Our craft have a large flight radius enabling quick searches of large areas.

Aerial Searching has been around many years – now it is affordable!