Media – News Gathering

Sky Cam East Media

Sky Cam East regularly has imagery featured in national and local media outlets via television, newspapers and magazines.

Our team includes a media journalist who understands the requirements of news gathering and we are happy to provide relevant official documentation such as CAA accreditation and insurance details to satisfy the legal requirements of your organisation.

We are able to provide media in a wide range of formats including UHD – Ultra High Definition. We are able to provide live video coverage of an incident and instant photographic imagery. We are furthermore certified to fly at night.

Please contact us to discuss existing imagery usage or for the acquisition of bespoke pictures and video.


Case Study

We were contacted by Archant Newspapers at 9:45am when news broke of funding for a new river crossing in Ipswich.

By 10:30am we had secured flight permissions, completed a risk assessment and were providing images of the site to the news desk via 3G!