Sky Cam East are an aerial imaging company based in Suffolk.

Our background is in professional photography and video, with a passion for flight. Ultimately it is image quality that is important and therefore our expertise in this area enables us to render high quality fully processed material from the vantage point of a professional aerial platform.

We are BNUC certified and are fully accredited by the Civial Aviation Authority with full permissions to carry out our aerial activities – including permissions for night time operations. Naturally we are also fully insured to five million pounds of public liability.

We have great confidence you will be delighted with our aerial media.

Sky Cam East is operated by 44.1 Creative Ltd.

We fly small size UAVs – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – for aerial photography.

By utilising the latest technologies our fleet of UAVs have a relatively low running and repair costs. This is how we are able to offer such competitive pricing.

All of our craft are under GPS guidance, are programmable from the ground and include a range of safety features. Our cameras produce up to 4k resolution video and are stabilised by 3 axis gimbals.

We are licensed and accredited by the CAA.

We fly up to 400 feet from take off point – as per current UK regulations.

There are a number of areas that would prevent flying – Airports, aircraft corridors, power cables and where the craft may present a hazard however the vast majority of the sky is available to us!

As a safety measure and in keeping with our licencing we maintain line of sight with the craft at all times.

We are happy to advise as to the suitability of your project for aerial filming.

Weather is the biggest influence on aerial filming – it goes without saying.

It is essential that flexibility is built into filming times to allow re-schedules due to weather. Rain, thunder storms, strong winds and fog would all rule out flying.

Whilst the majority of days do turn out to suitable for flying it always make sense to check a five day forecast prior to booking aerial filming.

Thankfully temperature is rarely a concern since the craft are quite happy within the average UK temperature range.

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